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The Indian subcontinent can be divided into four divisions, depending on the geographical, historical and even culinary diversities. All the four divisions, north, south, east and west reflect a distinct style of cooking and food habits. Malayali recipes mirror a strong South Indian style of cooking and flavor.

Numerous dishes constitute the Malayali recipes repertoire. They belong to both the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian genre of cuisine. Rice is staple here and as the state is situated cozily in the coastal areas of the peninsula, the cuisine consists of fish and fish products in a variety. Spices form an integral part of all Malayali recipes and they lend a very strong flavor making it both hot as well as tangy. Cardamom, ginger, garlic and tamarind form essential elements of Kerala food.

Traditions and ethnicity have played a very important role in giving shape to the cuisine of Kerala. A strong reflection of this fact can be seen in the ‘Sadhya’ or traditional feasts.

Discussion on the food of Kerala is incomplete without mentioning the regular meals prepared and savored in the Kerala households. Breakfast generally comprises of Puttu, Sambar, Dosa and Idiyappam and Paalapam etc. Chicken or mutton stew is served with the latter. For Lunch and Dinner, people in Kerala prefer rice served with a variety of curries. Generally comprising of several courses, the meals include Rasam, thoran, Sambar and a variety of non-vegetarian curries including chicken and mutton as well as beef. Fish is especially loved among the non-vegetarian community.
Malayali Recipes are predominantly complete with coconut milk and coconut grates. As coconut is found in abundance, all over the state, it is used in nearly all the recipes of Kerala in generous quantity. The place has also been host to Greek, Italian, French and Chinese merchants and travelers over time. These travelers have in turn brought with them their culinary styles and tastes and that have beautifully been blended with the local cuisine of Kerala.

Some of the most significant recipes of Kerala are as follows:

Mango Pachadi
Cabbage Thoran
Cheera Thoran
Taor Curry
Brinjal Vindalu
Kerala Moru Curry

A treasured Malayali recipe has been given for you below:


5 cup flour (rice)
1 cup white gram lentil (fried)
Green Chilies about 20
Asafoetida- ¼ tsp (powder)
White Gingelly seeds - 1 tbs
Butter - 11/2 tbs
Coconut milk to mix the flour
Oil as required
Salt to taste

Sieve the flour and blend it well with green chillies (grind), salt and asafoetida powder. Form a thick paste. Add to the flour, butter, coconut milk and gingelly seeds and knead it well. Roll out small balls from the dough. Spread it on a clean cloth for about 2 hours.

Deep fry in oil and serve hot.
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